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The GPS Fleet Management Features You Care About

  • Live vehicle tracking and display – Updates every 30 seconds to allow access to any vehicle’s location, anywhere and anytime.
  • Access to speed and driving behavior information – Increase employee and public safety by holding your drivers accountable.
  • Geofencing – Define geofences and specify which vehicles will alert you when entering it. You might use home, work, key customers, or places you don't want your employees to go, like casinos, or a bar the employee has had a history of going to in the company vehicle.
  • Breadcrumbs and Timelines – See the path a vehicle took over a day including their stops on a map, and below it see the corresponding timeline.
  • Define Vehicle Groups – So you can display certain groups of vehicles, like those driven by technicians or salespeople, or those with certain skills or credentials, like "Bat Specialists" or "HVAC Installers".
  • Alerts - Specify which of these alerts you want and define the hours in which you want to receive each one.
    • Diagnostic Message – Typically on during Business Hours, meaning if a vehicle throws a Check Engine code at night, you'll get alerted the next business day.
    • Geofence Entered/Exited – Allows you to take action now before it is too late.
    • Harsh Braking – Typically always on - This may be caused by inattentive driving and could be a leading indicator for accidents.
    • Idling – Typically always on - if the drivers are idling their vehicles, they are wasting energy, and maybe time.
    • Ignition On – Often set for Outside Business Hours.
    • Ignition Off – Typically off, but is an option.
    • Rapid Acceleration – Maybe not as worrisome as Harsh Braking, but still a condition that may indicate you have a driver who is taking unnecessary risks.
    • Speeding – Set a speeding threshold and get alerted when your drivers are going too fast.
    • Road Violation – Coming soon - get notified when drivers violate posted speeds by a set threshold or other driving issues like driving the wrong way on a one-way road.
    • Unplugged – The device has enough battery to notify you so employees can't just unplug a unit without you knowing about it.
  • Reports - Run on demand or schedule for automatic email delivery
    • Alert Summary – A count of alerts and a driving score for each vehicle
    • Engine Hours Report – Ignition-On hours per vehicle per day
    • Mileage Report – Miles driven per vehicle per day
    • Trips Report – Trips driven from ignition-on to ignition-off
    • Stops Report – Stop times and locations from ignition-off to ignition-on
    • Idling Report – Times and locations of long periods of vehicle idling

At a Price You'll Love

GPSlogix offers a simple pricing structure: we charge a per month per device fee for our services. There are no per-ping or per-update fees and no limit to the number of drivers or users with GPSlogix. It’s simple—there are zero hoops to jump through with us.

We also offer a choice of plans because we know each business has different circumstances and needs. Choose the plan that is right for you:

  • All-Inclusive: The monthly fee includes the device and all monitoring and software services.
  • Monitoring Services Only: Purchase the device up front, and pay only for monitoring and software services.

With either plan, you pay a low, flat rate and you can use our services as much as you want. And with GPSlogix’s low prices, the return on investment (ROI) each month easily makes sense.