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Our All-Inclusive Package includes the device and monthly service. However, if you prefer to purchase the OBD-II devices, the MSRP is $150/device. Rechargeable battery powered devices (for trailers) are $200/device. But GPSlogix often offers special below list pricing on devices. Get a price quote today!
The monitoring services monthly fee includes access to GPSlogix web-based tracking platform (via web browser), for as many users as you need at your company and all of the reporting and alerts; no per ping, per update, or other hidden fees – guaranteed. The All-Inclusive Package includes the same monitoring, reporting and alert services plus an OBD-II device.
Yes! We pride ourselves on providing affordable GPS fleet tracking solutions. We promote our $16.95 per month price because it is the most common price paid by our customers. Your price depends on the number of vehicles and other assets in your fleet and whether you choose our monitoring only services or the All-Inclusive package. Larger fleets can actually pay less than $16.95/month/device.

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