Our Story

About Us

GPSlogix is a GPS-enabled vehicle tracking and driver monitoring system providing web-based access to live fleet tracking and asset management. Founded in 2011 in Minneapolis, MN, GPSlogix offers the fleet tracking solutions you care about at an affordable price.

It Starts With You

GPSlogix started with you, the customer, in mind. Frustrated with high monthly fees for most GPS fleet tracking service, we created our own GPS fleet tracking solution in 2011 and made customer service a main priority. Our goal is to be different than the GPS fleet tracking companies you’re used to. We prove this each and every day by providing the features you need at the lowest possible price. Our live vehicle and asset tracking allows you to locate your vehicles, ensure the engines are running correctly (through our diagnostic code management), be alerted when drivers are over predetermined speed and idle thresholds and view location history up to one year. With month-to-month contracts starting as low as $16.95 per device, we provide the GPS fleet tracking services you need at an affordable price.

Accountability Made Simple

Fleet tracking is not your business. It’s ours. We understand that fleet tracking is just one tool, among many, that helps you run your business more efficiently. So, we built our platform to keep it simple. In the end, our platform allows you to easily manage your employees, your vehicles and ultimately save you money. Our alerts were created to allow us to help you identify when the exception happens so you don’t need to spend countless hours managing our platform to find these exceptions yourself.