“While we looked at several fleet tracking services before, we just couldn’t justify the cost per month - the ROI didn’t make sense. GPSlogix was able to come in at a price point that was easy to see the cost saving benefits of reduced idle time, among other things. What we really appreciate about them though is that they are proactive in their customer service. They reach out to us to make sure everything is working correctly and if there is anything else they can do for us. I would enthusiastically recommend them to others (and I have).”

Todd Leyse
Owner, Adam's Pest Control

“We really liked the price point and the fact that we are on a month to month contract - it allowed us to try using fleet tracking with very little risk. After we implemented with GPSlogix, it paid for itself within the first 2 months - we had to let an employee go for cause and WON the unemployment case in court because we could show the judge that the employee was lying about where they were with our company vehicle!”

Director of Operations
Floor Installation Company

“Nearing the end of our contract with another provider, we were evaluating several other companies. We really liked that GPSlogix wasn’t some huge faceless corporation. They understand what it’s like to own a company and how business owners think about Return on Investment. While there were 2 features that they didn’t have that we needed, they agreed to custom build them and did so within 10 days. They deliver on what they promise AND we are now saving 25% over our old provider.”

Concrete Contractor

“We came to GPSlogix because of price. We have stayed with them for over 5 years because of their service. You call them and you can actually talk with someone that can answer your questions. I would highly recommend them to other contractors. They do what they say they are going to do.”

Director of Operations
Construction Company

“After implementing GPSlogix, we discovered that one of our $80,000 salaried employees would go "missing" for 2-3 hours every day. You bet we liked the ROI on this service!”

Executive Vice-President
Building Management Company